isolating a different size from the base size

Hello Gerber family,
I have a pattern that is graded  sizes S- M-LG-XLg- the base size is Medium. I want to  Isolate the largest pattern size  XLg- and use it to make a new style  and call it  a size1X.  Using the " GRADE"  Menu - then clicked on  the "VIEW" Tab  and I picked to view "SELECTED sizes. So, now I  can  view the xlg size, that I want to  copy and save it as a new Style Number  as a  1x. 
does anyone have advice to share with me on how to accomplish this? 
Thank you, Teri


  • Lisa LowellLisa Lowell Gerber Staff 💛
    Hello Teri!  In the create menu there is a function to create a graded size.  This will let you pull out the Xlg to make a new pattern.  From there rename the part and recreate your grading.
  • Hi Lisa, you are awesome.  perfect Thanks so much . I was able to figure a different way too yesterday, but  it  took so much longer than the simple one function you gave me today. have a wonderful day,
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