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I want to ask if there is another alternative to add the white backing without using the edge 2 printing system?

Does a white pressure sensitive adhesive tape exist? Or a white solid glue to apply with a backing paper?

Thank you, 


  • Hi Victor ProSpot,
    Are you having issues with your Edge 2?
    And which white foil are you using?  (We have 4 different white foils and want to make sure you are using the best one for your application)
    Are you having an issue with opacity?

    I want to make sure we identify the issue first and that will inform our solution.


  • I am using the GCS-10 white foil. I have a decent print head, but not sure if any other component on the edge 2 are not right or my software is out of date/old. I am scheduled for training very soon with one of our local distributors but will take a bit longer. I am having more trouble when is laying a color over another. For example for lexedge i can't do 2 runs, i don't know if that is the right procedure. This image was through the test run (image cal P) white first then the yellow.
  • Paul BementPaul Bement Gerber Staff 💛
    Good afternoon Victor ProSpot,
    I see that you had another question on an older subject with Rob.  We're all at the SGIA show in Las Vegas.  Will you be attending?
    I'll make sure to consult with him on both of these items.
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