Problem: SQL-Database partially created

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Hi to all,

today i had a service call. Customer said, creating a sql-database does not work. System shows "database already exists". But in fact, befor doing so, no database by this name exists on the machine. After this message poped up, SQL-Managementstudio revealed, database is present, tables are present, but empty ...

AM 10.4
SQL-Express 2014
SQL-instance resides on the same machine as Accumark  SW does.

Troubleshooting revealed this:

in the Script "C:\userroot\system\mparam\AccumarkDbV9.sql" there is a statement:
WHERE [dbo].[gtAccumarkData].Objectname   = deleted.ObjectName AND...

As you may have realized, "Objectname" and "ObjectName" are being used. This should not cause any errors... but:

The SQL-server was configured for case-sensitive behaviour.
Server-collation was set to "SQL_Latin1_General_CR1_CS_AS", -> CS means case sensitive!

I fixed this by modifying the script to use 
WHERE [dbo].[gtAccumarkData].ObjectName   = deleted.ObjectName AND...

But this is only a temporary fix. During installation, the SQL-instance should be configured for case-insensitive operation to avoid problems like this!

So be aware, if you are installing a SQL-instance, take _always_ case-insensitive configuration!


  • And its even kind of documented in the manual. In the installation files look in the "Training Docs\AccuMark IT Manual" subfolder.  InstallAndConfigureSQL2014ExpressForAccuMark.pdf

    Although this specific statement isn't mentioned there, it list some other variables where case sensitivity will cause issues and tells to use a case insensitive collation. Sadly not mentioned in the first logical places to look, i.e. the release or config notes.
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