How to use the GT Community

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Welcome to the Gerber Technology Community!

The community is a great place to share your thoughts, ask questions, and hang out with other members.

If you are new to the community, here is a quick guide to get you started!

Sign Up

Anyone can register for membership. One way to register is by clicking on 'Create One' or 'Register' on the sign up page. Another way to register is by logging in by using the social connectors to the right hand side for LinkedIn, Twitter, or Facebook.

Recent Discussions

The home page contains all of the most recent posts added to the community. You can browse through the topics or use the search function at the top.


When using the search function, you will see all posts that closely match your search criteria.

Categories and Tags

On the right hand side you can search by Categories. Clicking on 'All Categories' will bring you to the full category selection page. Anytime a post is created, there must be a category assigned. Another way to search for posts is by using the tags. All tags are predetermined and cannot be created by an individual user. If you feel there is a tag or category missing, please send in a request to one of the administrators.

Recent Activity

Keep track of your latest badges, posts, and where you are on the leader board. Each and every thing you do in the community can earn you points. The more you answer, post, and create, the closer you get to becoming a Gerber Technology Expert.

Discussions, Questions, and Polls

'My Discussions' shows all of your posts. You can also save drafts of any post you are in the midst of creating. For more information about what type of posts are available, see our discussion over 'Types of Posts and How to Use Them (Discussions, Questions, Polls, Photos, and More)'


Want to rack up your points or you're just a kind soul who wants to help others solve their problems, head on over to the 'Unsolved' section. Here you can see all of the posts that have yet to be answered.


Click on your username or image at the top right corner in order to enter your profile. Here you can edit your community photo, improve your 'About' section, check out your badges, view all discussion history, and more.


Click on the globe symbol in order to see all of your notifications. This includes people messaging you, answers to your questions, badge notifications, and more. You can update your preferences by clicking on 'Notifications Preferences' in the top corner.


Message people in the community by clicking on the inbox icon next to 'Notifications'. Here you can see all messages sent to you or even send one to a fellow member.


If there is a particular post that you want to hang on to, click on the star in the top right corner. Now when you click on the star next to your Inbox, you can access all of the posts you love.


The gear icon is where you can sign out if you would like.

This is just a quick overview of all the fun features inside of the community. If you have any questions, please feel free contact a moderator, administrator, or post your question in the community! :)

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