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Overlap Issue After Nesting in Updated V11

maheshmvmaheshmv Posts: 44 Channel Partner Member

Dear sir/madam

we have an issue with the overlap after nesting the makers. the procedure what we do is as follows.

1. we do the pattern in the Gerber V8.5 and then we use in V10.1 to make the marker and the nesting is V11.  2. When we do the maker manual there will be no overlap issue but once we give to nesting the pieces is getting overlap and while cutting in the Garber Paragon HX machine its damaging the other pieces..  3. For your reference i am attaching the zip file and the screen shoot of the overlap issue.  4. This is this happening when we use the different version of Gerber software.  Pls advice what will be the issue and guide us.


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