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Old CutWorks versions and AccuMark Storage Area version 8 and 9

margitaarsetmargitaarset Posts: 52 ✭✭
edited September 2018 in Single-Ply Cutter (SPC)
Gerber is talking about the next versions of AccuMark only being able to store in Storage Area version 9 and the new file structure.
What is Gerbers plan for all the single-ply cutters in the world that uses Generic Plot Files from Storage Area version 8 and Import AccuMark data? I have a lot of customers affected by this. Either they have a previous version of CutWorks on their cutter or they are sending AccuMark data or GEN files to a production plant in other countries that need data from version 8. The price of the upgrade of CutWorks is too high for most of these companies.


  • Amy MasseAmy Masse Posts: 27 Gerber Staff 💛
    Hi Margit,
    We do plan to phase out the Version 8 storage area format at some point, although we do not have a particular version or date set for this update.  When we do set a date for the phase out, it will be announced well ahead of time in order to give all our customers time to plan ahead.  As we continue to improve our software and stay current with the latest programming languages and data storage formats, it becomes essential for us to  phase out the older formats.  It is important that we stress to our customers all the benefits of staying current and up to date on software releases in order to take advantage of the new and exciting functionality that the upgrades offer.
    However, we do understand your concern and we will certainly take this into consideration as we plan for this next step.
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