Types of Posts and How to Use Them (Discussions, Questions, Polls, Photos, and More)

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Within the Gerber Technology Communities, there are several styles of posts

New Discussion

'New Discussion' posts are the best way to share your thoughts and ideas in a free-form and flexible way with text, photos, documents, videos, and more! Some example discussions are about new tips, posts about events happening at Gerber Tech, or talking about your experiences and solution journey with our products. You can even share exciting news about products you have produced using Gerber Technology.

Ask A Question

'Ask A Question' is the easiest way to post and receive answers to your questions about Gerber Technology. Whether it is about AccuMark, YuniquePLM, webPDM, or the various Gerber Technology equipment, this is a space for every question to be answered. Once comments have been added to your questions, you can choose the best answer.

New Poll

The 'New Poll' feature allows you to run your own little survey right inside the community. You can ask which members have the same version or who is attending events. After someone votes they cannot choose another option.

Photos, Video, and Links

You can add media to the your post via the file icon or you can embed using the attach image icon. You can add a link by clicking on the link icon at the top.

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