Deleting a POM from the Measurement template!

Why can't we delete a POM from a measurement template which is not used in any styles and also de-linked??  


  • Erica ClendeningErica Clendening Gerber Staff 💛
     Hi @nisarga ,

    This is a great question! Have you double-checked the "where used" button? I would also check to see if the POM is being used in the Sample Request Folder. If you're trying to delete a POM from a template, it must not be in use in any style. 

    If you just don't want the POM to show up when adding the template, you can try unchecking the box in the "Key" column. 

    Hope this helps!
  • Hi @Erica Clendening 
    Thank you for the reply!
    Checked, it hasn't been used in any of the styles also. (but still unable to delete it) - So strange! 
    The key option is new to me, which I didn't know about! Thanks for that :smile:
    But,what is the logic behind not able to delete the POM after using it in a style and de-linking (both in the style as well as in the ,measurement template) ? 
  • Erica ClendeningErica Clendening Gerber Staff 💛
    Hi @nisarga,

    Happy to help! Perhaps we should have a developer look into this to make sure your settings are working properly. I will send you a private email :smile:

    Thank you,
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