DCS-3508 buffer at far-end of the conveyor

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I have a customer with one part in a very stiff and little elastic material (worse than thick PVC) that would like a large buffer from the feeder to the maschine starts cutting when they cut this particular material, in order to adjust the direction and manually "help" the material to be placed on the conveyor.
Cutfile is 1 part: X=129 cm Y=1564cm with a lot of internal cutouts and draglines.
Optimize Window is 80 cm in Process Wizard for this special part (normally the Optimize Window is 160 cm)
1. Feeding the material into the cutter, all they way up to machine origin
2. Start cutting from the start point near machine origin
3. After the Table Size (blue window in CutWorks) is cut, then the machine only cuts the bites at the far end of the conveyor. This gives no room for adjusting this material from the feeder to the machine starts cutting.

Question: Is there a setting that can be made to have the machine cut at a smaller Table Size only for this material without recalibrating the cutter every time?

The cutting should be done from machine origin and 90 cm in the X-direction.
I can see that there is something called Far-End Buffer in Machine - Setup - Configure - Conveyor, but I cannot fine any explanation of what this is.

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