Easy Order and Material Lays

Is there a reason Accumark only pulls in material types from the Base tab of the selected models and options in Easy Order?

I'm using optional tabs in a model to include/exclude pieces that vary from style to style. So material type of "LV" may be the only material type used on the Base tab but optional tabs may have "PV", "RV", etc material types on different pieces as those are the variables for a specific style.

What we end up having to do is attempt to create an order / marker for all of our material types. If that material type wasn't in the model or model options then we get an error on the marker creation part. Otherwise there is no way of really knowing what material type we need to create an order for unless we make some external kind of cross-reference which doesn't seem right.

Just seems logical Accumark would pull in the different material types it finds on the optional tabs... just how the actual Order does when it combines the like materials to make the marker.

Am I missing something here?


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