I am continuously having an issue with the plotter stopping during plotting and then i have to manually make it continue, but sometimes when i do this it messes up the printing and the lines are askew. I know the paper is in correctly. I am also confused that it will work consistently and then all of a sudden, it starts becoming a problem. 


  • Lisa LowellLisa Lowell Gerber Staff 💛
    What plotter is this?  sp120, mp plotter?
  • also, when i try to change paper size in the settings, i am unable to adjust it.
  • even when i just advance the paper, an error happens. 
  • Lisa LowellLisa Lowell Gerber Staff 💛
    Hello Dardarmar,
    you need to change the paper width in Server Manager.  When you open Server Manager you will see the tools icon on the right, looks like an X. Click on this.  Once this opens you will see the paper width at the bottom.  Change it here, but you will need to enter in millimeters.  Google has conversion tools if you are not sure what the correct conversion is.
    Next press accept to accept the new width.
    The next thing you can check is in User manager.  Click on Program Options\Connections.  In this window press on the tools icon on the right, again it is two tools that are making an X.  This is the connections settings.  Click on the Automatic Print tab.  Just below the two folders, there will be the delay settings.  What is yours set at?  it should be set around 4.5-5.  Accept any changes and close those windows.  Try plotting again to see if this clears up your issues.
  • i think ive mixed things up a little at this point from trying to fix this issue. I tried your suggestion and it still didnt work. At this point, i think my settings are off because my paper width is different in every spot but I dont know how to fix it. In the server manager my width is 1701mm (67 inches) in the user manager, one spot says 66.97 and another says 64 in the default settings but it wont let me change that. When plotting from accumark explorer it keeps stopping, but from pds it wont even show up in the user manager queue 
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