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Cindy PhanCindy Phan Gerber Staff 💛
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When viewing Alterations in Pattern Design, there are two options-Cumulative or Nested. Cumulative will display all the alterations blended together as a single piece-in one color. Nested will show each alteration separately in different colors.


  • Hi @Cindy Phan!

    This tool seems very useful, where can I find the alterations tool in pattern design?

    How does pattern design recognize the alterations that you've made to a pattern?

    Thank you!

  • Cindy PhanCindy Phan Gerber Staff 💛
    @tidivi23 ; View Alterations is in the Grade menu/View/Altered Sizes.  Alterations are created by applying special point numbers and using an Alteration table and Size Code table created in AccuMark Explorer.

    Alterations are special movements that use point numbers to change graded patterns for additional sizes. For example, alterations can be applied to a pant pattern to create different inseam lengths.

    I have included documentation in this post for reference.
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