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How do I set new PLM User Permissions to match existing PLM User?

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I'm a YuniquePLM administrator and am creating a new user to also be an administrator. How do I set the new user's permissions to match mine?

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  • Kala BennettKala Bennett Posts: 8 Gerber Staff 💛
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    To grant a user to have the same permissions as you (an Administrator):

    Click on Profile button from the top ribbon bar to determine your access level and Permissions Groups. (make a mental note of these attributes)

    From the Home screen, go to Admin in the lefthand navigation
    Click Users
    Search for and double click the Users Name that you want to edit
    Mark/Tick/Check the boxes to give the user the same roles as yourself (Administrator, System Admin, etc)
    Click "Permissions Group Membership" tab
    "Add" to select the Permissions Groups (to match yours)
    Save and Close

    Watch the Tip of the Day for more details, as well as a refresher on how to add new users! :smile:

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