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Friday Feature: Rebecca Minkoff's Jump into Fashion

Katherine YipKatherine Yip Posts: 12 ✭✭

As one of the biggest influences in the  fashion industry, Rebecca Minkoff has proven to be an incredible designer, businesswoman, and trendsetter. Her collection of handbags, clothing, shoes and accessories exemplify her  feminine boho style laced with a touch of edginess--qualities that make her brand synonymous with effortless style. 

Rebecca started her journey in fashion and entrepreneurship as a kid when she learned to sew her own dress. From there on, she developed her love for design in high school and finally moved to NYC at 18 years old to pursue her dreams.  In 2005, Rebecca designed her first bag (the M.A.B., pictured above) and quickly became an acclaimed handbag designer. 

She's constantly been an innovator in the fashion sphere, incorporating technology to make dressing room mirrors interactive and was one of the first to launch an augmented reality fashion show. 

Today, the Minkoff brand has domestic and international stores AND is distributed in more than 900 stores worldwide. She serves as a role-model by empowering women, supporting multiple philanthropies, and actively participating in the CFDA. 

We look forward to having such an accomplished woman as our keynote speaker for ideation in October and having the opportunity to learn from her experiences! 
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