In YuniquePLM, How can Dimensions be removed from the BOM?

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Hello. I don't want my bill of material to be Dimensional. How do I simplify it and remove the "Dimensions" section from the BOM?

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    From within the Style, select and edit the BOM
    Click on the Bill of Material Link, BOM, or Colorway section in the lefthand navigation
    Click "Configure" button at the top
    Uncheck "Dimensional BOM"
    Save > OK

    To make this the default setting for all future BOMs:

    From the Home screen
    Click on Control panel in the lefthand navigation
    Tree open the General Validation Tables
    Select the Division table
    Open a Division and go to the BOM tab in the middle of the page
    Uncheck "Dimensional BOM" option for each product type

    Here is a Tip of the Day Video to explain further:

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