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In YuniquePLM Sample Request folder, How can I request samples for specific Sizes and Colors?

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Looking through the sample request page, I can't figure how I can send in requests for just specific colors or sizes of a style.

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    Here are the steps to request samples for specific style Colors and Sizes:

    From within the Style, click on the BOM page
    Click "Edit"
    Select "Bill of Material" link in the left hand navigation
    Set Color as Dimension 1, and add Colorways.
    For Dimension 2, Select "Size"
    Click "Add"
    Select the Size Range
    Select the Sizes the Style is developed in
    Save and Close the BOM to return to the style workflows.

    Go to the "Sample Request" Folder in the left hand navigation
    Click "New"
    Select the Sample template, BOM, and Measurement Spec
    Indicate Colors and Sizes of the requested Samples
    Select the Agent/Vendor/Factory that will be submitting Samples
    Click "Generate" and Close

    Here is the Tip of the Day video to further explain:

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