FOLLOW-ALONG Tech Pack Project - Day 4 - Adobe Illustrator TEMPLATE

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By now you've visualized your end-product in detail; thought about the shape, the cut, the fit, how the fabric will drape on the body, how it will look, feel, and move with the body.

And, by now, you're eager to get on with it and start building the tech pack so you can:
1) have a record of the garment and all it's details, 
2) record the tweaks made to arrive at the perfect version of the garment, 
3) build (or have someone else build) exact copies of that perfected garment for sale or use.

Let's get to it!

Let's start in Adobe Illustrator (though any vector drawing tool will suffice, Illustrator CC 2018 works seamlessly with Gerber Technology's Product Lifecycle Management tool YuniquePLM, where you can build, manage, and safely share tech packs and collaborate with production partners on a budget).

I've created an Illustrator template, containing perfectly sized artboards to help organize your images for each style in your collection.

If you haven't already, take a moment now to download the template attached to this post.

TODAY's ASSIGNMENTs: Download the template, save as an .ait, create a new file from the template.  

**Extra Credit Assignment: Place your images into the new file)

1) Download the template

2) Open the file in Illustrator,

Then go to File > Save As... to save this file as an .ait template file in the Templates directory (for example: C:\Program Files\Adobe\Adobe Illustrator CC 2018\Cool Extras\en_US\Templates) . Then close the file.

3) Create a New File (File>New>From Template) and select the newly saved .ait template.

4) Save the new file (File>Save As...) an .ai file for one of the styles in your collection. 

**5) Open and copy/paste images into this newly saved style file, onto the appropriate artboard and add arrows/text.

Below are the artboards included in the template:

* DesignImage1 (Front, or Front/Back view image)
* DesignImage2 (Back, Side, or Fabric Swatch, or Closeup Detail image)
* Flats1 (Front or Front/Back view of garment flat to show proportion and details)
* Flats2, 3, etc (additional flat views of garment)
* TechnicalDetails1, 2, 3, etc (flats with arrows and text pointing out stitch and/or construction details)
* Materials1, 2, 3, etc (photos of fabrics, trims, labels, tags)
* Construction1, 2, 3, etc (sewing instructions, trim placement)
* HowToMeasure1, 2, 3, etc (flats with arrows showing critical locations for taking measurements)

Tomorrow, we'll connect Illustrator to YuniquePLM through the plugin!

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