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ideation 2018: How to Talk to Your Manager (and get budget for the conference!)

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You know you can’t afford to miss ideation 2018, but how can you convince your manager to approve your conference expenses? (Use this link to get $100 off the registration fee) That's where we come in to help! Here are some "talking points" for your communication with your manager (feel free to copy & paste any or all of the below text):

☑ I would like to increase the return on our investment in Gerber Technology…

☑ I would like to learn how to better use Gerber Technology to make me more efficient, productive, and successful in my role...

☑ I would like our company to be on the cutting edge of fashion technology...

☑ I would like to attend ideation 2018 October 3rd-5th in Florida.

As the biggest fashion technology event of the year, this is a “can’t miss” event. Our competitors will be there, learning best practices for efficient technology processes - we need to be there too.

 ideation 2018 offers:

●       Hands-on Interactive Studio with the opportunity to mix and match the latest digital solutions

●       Direct opportunities to learn from Gerber’s expert product team, engineers and top-level executives as well as their entire ecosystem

●       Content-driven sessions across multiple tracks

●       Presentations from industry leaders

●       300+ industry professionals from design, IT, product development, operations, executives and more

 This conference will improve our:

●       Professional Development: Explore and develop new approaches to our challenges and objectives.

●       Answers: Tap into a conference full of industry and solution experts, including “Ask the Expert” intimate interactive workshops where we can discuss specific issues directly with Gerber Technology professionals -- at a much lower cost than through on-site consultations.

●       Insight: Consider how our area of the business is changing - or should change - in response to evolving competitive dynamics, shopping trends and customer expectations, including the need for end-to-end digital solutions to deliver seamless experiences.

●       Foresight: Learn where Gerber Technology is heading with the ongoing development of their digital solutions which will influence the direction of our businesses. We will explore and dive deep into understanding current and future capabilities.

●       Engagement: Gain new experiences through modern, creative business practices.

●       Progress: Review new technologies and solutions that will help us adapt more quickly and effectively to change.

●       Training: Take advantage of training topics applicable to our current business challenges at a fraction of normal training costs.

●       ROI: Boost the return on investment we have already made in our Gerber Technology solutions.

●       Benefits for our entire team: Share the knowledge and value we’ll gain at ideation 2018 with other members of our team.


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