FOLLOW-ALONG Tech Pack Project - Day 3 - Images: Start Where You Are

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You have great ideas for a new product or collection, but you need to communicate information about the products to potential producers, factories, etc. 

A simple sketch (drawn by hand or by mouse), or PHOTO will do as a starting point:

* a photo of your cartoon drawn on the napkin the other night:

* a photo of the inspirational garment laying flat on the floor:

* a photo your kid's crayon drawing currently affixed to the refrigerator 

* a photo of your stick figure sketch

Whatever you have is GOOD.  

The point is to start with what you have, and build out from there, adding images to a folder that follows your process.

So, gather up your images (or get your phone out and start taking some pictures!) and share them to your Google drive or other location that is easy for you to get to from wherever you are, for use in next steps. (Remember to take pictures of your fabrics and trims, too!)

You want your images to meet the following criteria:

1) crystal clear
2) well lit, so that you can see and identify stitching/seam details 
3) take close-ups

4) if you are working with an existing garment, lay the garment FLAT (Consider the value of PRESSING the garment before taking pictures...)  ;) ;)
4a) line the garment up with the tiles 
5) hold your camera/phone level 
6) when taking pictures of fabric, get close to the fabric (unless a large print/repeat) to show the grain or weave texture, and align the picture to the yarns.

ASSIGNMENT:  Gather your images!

Tomorrow, we'll go into Illustrator and get set to use these images to start our tech packs!

Don't be shy, start where you are!!

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