YuniquePLM v7.7 Release is now available

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We are pleased to announce the GA Release of YuniquePLM 7.7.0.

This latest release focuses on providing 24 new features and addressing some out of the box defects that have been reported. 

One of the implementation team or cloud support team members will be reaching out to schedule your update to this release.

Application Key Features for this Release Include:

  • Configurable BOM
    You read that right, The BOM is now Configurable! Please keep in mind that any configuration changes that need to appear on a BOM printout will need to be updated separately. 
  • srmOn Partners Create/Edit Access - Measurements and Text-Image
  • srmOn Partners now have the ability to Create / Edit Style Measurement and Text-Image workflow pages that have been shared with them. There is a new setting to enable this function within the application, EnableSrmOnPageAddAndEdit. 
  • Predefine Sub Workflow pages in the Style
    Clients can now predefine the Style Sub Workflow pages within the control panel Dev Workflow. Allowing the pages to auto-create when a style is created.

  • Define Printouts when creating Sub Workflow page
    Clients can now predefine printout selections when creating a style Sub Workflow page. This is great for clients who want to print multiple sub workflow pages within one Tech Pack but use different printouts for each page.

  • New Line List Sample Request Header Flash Edit
    Clients can now mass edit/manage the Sample Request header data for any Sample associated to styles within the Line List. This includes Sample Status.

  • Export to Excel - Measurements / Sample Submit
    We have added the ability to Export to Excel within the Style Measurements workflow page and within the Sample Request Submit areas of the application. 

  • Gerber Community access with YuniquePLM
    Clients can now directly access our Gerber Community site directly from YuniquePLM within the User Profile section of the application.
Attached are the Full Release Notes for v7.7.0

Additional Release Details

Adobe Plugin - We have a new 5.3.2 update rolling out soon. This update is required for any client on v7.7.

YuSnap - No updates

AccuMark - No updates

PowerGrid  - No updates

PointCarre - No updates


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