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YuniquePLM Design Suite Adobe Plugin installation

Carlina BriscusoCarlina Briscuso Gerber Staff 💛
edited July 2018 in YuniquePLM
Where can I find the YuniquePLM Design Suite Plugin?  How to install it?

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  • Carlina BriscusoCarlina Briscuso Gerber Staff 💛
    edited July 2018 Accepted Answer

    How to install Gerber Technology YuniquePLM Design Suite plugin to hook Adobe Illustrator CC 2018 to YuniquePLM In The Cloud:

    1) close Illustrator

    2) Download Anastasiy’s Extension Manager from here:

    3) Unzip the downloaded file

    4) Install Anastasiy’s Extension Manager 

    5) To get the YuniquePLM Design Suite plugin...Start here and log in with your AdobeID:

    6) Then click on the "Download/Install another way" option which takes you here to download the zxp:

    7) Click on the "Download YuniquePLM Design Suite" button.

    8) Launch Anastasiy's Extension Manager

    9) Click Illustrator in the lefthand nav of the extension manager

    10) Click Install at the top, then browse to select the YuniquePLM_Design_Suite*.zxp plugin file.

    The plugin will install and a message will appear when the installation is complete. You can then open Illustrator, click on the Window menu, go to Extentions and see the YuniquePLM Design Suite apps for Color, Image, and Style...

    Stay tuned for next steps to connect Illustrator to YuniquePLM. :)


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