YuniquePLM v7.6 Release is now available!

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We are pleased to announce the GA Release of YuniquePLM 7.6.0.

This latest release focuses on providing 16 new features and addressing some out of the box defects that have been reported.

One of the implementation team or cloud support team members will be reaching out to schedule your update to this release.

Application Key Features for this Release Include:

  • New BI Report - Style Summary and Status
    This new report lets you get a detailed look at activities relating to a styles development.

  • Auto Generate Care Workflow from a Bill of Materials
    Ability to populate the Style Care workflow page based on the Materials used within a BOM. This includes being able to define Care information at a material level.

  • System Generated Sample Numbers
    All Style Sample Requests and Material Requests will now include a system generated reference number. This allows you to more easily search, track and communicate around samples that you might be working with. 

  • New Options for Text-Image Workflow page
    The Style Text-Image workflow page has been updated to now support Text-Only and Image-Only workflow options including the original Text+Image. You can now choose from these 3 options when creating a new Text-Image page. 

  • BOL SAM Support
    The BOL Control Panel and Style Workflow have been updated with SAM (Standard Allowed Minutes) allowing you to better manage time by operations. 

  • Application Configuration Updates
    The Construction Details, Style Header Details, and User Profile are now configurable by system administrators.
  • System Setting Updates
    You can now disable all of the application Pending pages (Color Folder, Material Folder, Style BOM) through the Admin Folder Settings section.

Attached are the Full Release Notes for v7.6.0

Additional Release Details

Adobe Plugin - We have a new 5.3.1 update rolling out soon. This update is required for any client on v7.6

YuSnap - No updates
AccuMark - No updates
PowerGrid - No updates
PointCarre - No updates


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