poor print quality using Gerber Positive vinyl

I am trying to use Gerber Edge Positive vinyl to print silkscreen positives and I am getting very poor print quality. The banner (solid black GSC-12) has flecks of no color, there are several long streaks running the length of the printed vinyl with no color.

I did change the vinyl family from 220 to the correct one and I set the print as dark as possible. These changes improved the quality somewhat. The streaks went away, but not the flecks. Also, the print density wasn't good enough to stop the UV light while burning screens.

As a last step, I selected the double-print option. The results are close to acceptable.

Most of our work uses 10-12 pt. fonts, so crisp edges and great print density are crucial.

Any further suggestions??


  • Rob FisherRob Fisher Gerber Staff 💛
    @Dancing_tom, for the Edge Positive material I would suggest the Jet Black GCX-12. See the product bulletin for the Edge Positive below.


  • Thanks for the reply. On a similar topic,... make small, but relatively complicated multi-colored placards with very fine lines and print (.01 lines, 5 pt print). I have a lot of trouble getting the edges of the lettering and the fine lines to stay down when the next color is applied. I am beginning to think this may have something to do with the "heat" and/or "darkness" settings. This is only a problem with lexedge and lexedge II.   Do you have advice on that,.. or more information on these settings?

    Also, I seem to get better results when using the lowest print density (300x300 DPI) on the Gerber Edge FX printer. The first image prints the lighter colors first, the second prints the lighter colors last (order of colors is printed out to the right). It often takes several tries to get the colors in the right order for best results.

  • Rob FisherRob Fisher Gerber Staff 💛
    @Dancing_tom, I think having the file to review would be the best way to advise here. I would suggest that you contact technical support to get a notification opened. You can call them at 800-828-5406.

    In the future I would suggest opening a new discussion for new topics instead of tagging it on an existing conversation. That makes it easier for readers to follow.
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