Using non-Latin characters and logograms

How do I import non Latin characters (Chinese, Arabic, Cyrlillic, etc) using OCR function?

I often have a PDF, photos, or other digital samples that I need to rasterize and print on the Gerber Edge II, using Omega 6.5


  • Paul BementPaul Bement Gerber Staff 💛

    Hi Dancing Tom,

    One of my support specialists sent me an email related to Chinese characters.
    There might be an alternative solution for Latin characters, but here is what they sent me:
    "The easy way is to convert the characters into objects.
    If they do it in Omega, when they open a file. there will be a box to check to convert text to curves.
    If they prefer working in AI (Adobe Illustrator), the same thing.
    Convert the characters to curves/objects."

    If I learn something more, I'll add to my comment.

  • Paul BementPaul Bement Gerber Staff 💛

    Hi again Dancing Tom,,,
    Sorry I misread...
    you said "non-Latin" characters, so this would apply.

  • My originals are typically scans, photos, or PDF's, the problem is that when I tried that, the edges of the letters weren't refined enough to reproduce accurate characters. I was hoping for more of an OCR solution that would result in computer-generated characters.  I am guessing that the letters I have been able to produce might be legible,... but not being able to read Chinese, this is just a guess!

    Thanks for the advice

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