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Why is my digitizer showing two commands?

We have an older digitizer (not a silhouette) and the system is automatically adding two commands that the designer did not enter. After the Rule input info the system is adding MENU 1 and PUSH BUTTON *. Once the designer opens up the commands and deletes those two commands the pieces verifies without any other issues. Has anyone else had this or a similar issue?

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  • Alison GillilandAlison Gilliland Posts: 47 Gerber Staff 💛
    Accepted Answer

    Here was some advice that was suggested:

    Try resetting the digitizer by using the following instructions

    a) Place the tip of the pen over the box labeled “Application 2”. You will hear a very fast series of
    beeps that indicate the pen tip is positioned properly.

    b) Depress and hold the tip depressed. A constant tone is heard for approximately 5-7 seconds
    than a short separation followed by a single beep. After the single beep lift the pen.
    After this close and open again wdigit.exe, oe reboot computer.
    But this is configuration procedure. Not reset yet :)


  • Lisa LowellLisa Lowell Posts: 567 Gerber Staff 💛
    edited September 2017

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  • DampkringDampkring Posts: 9

    Betcha I know what this is - try going to View / Process Preferences / Digitize Processing Options and make sure the 'rule table' and 'size digitized' modules are blank. You probably have something in the 'rule table' spot and so when you digitize the rule table manually Gerber adds another 'step' of adding the rule table again when this is filled out (I believe when it verifies). I ran into this problem with a new digitizer, never the old one (but I'm not 100% this is why this happens now). I am a contract pattern maker in Vancouver, BC Canada, & I would love feedback if this solves the problem!

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