Not save empty images from AI boards

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I have a few clients that are asking for the support to not save empty artboards from the AI plugin. They want to be able to create artboard templates and send it to PLM and then later on add more sketches as they come along.

Will this be possible?


  • Michael CookseyMichael Cooksey Gerber Staff 💛

    Good question, @Daniel_ACG -- let me see if I can track down someone who can assist. Thanks for your patience!

  • Carlina BriscusoCarlina Briscuso Gerber Staff 💛
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    @Daniel_ACG , thanks for your question!

    You make a good point, If there is no image on the artboard, the plugin uploads the artboard and inserts the empty artboard as a "blank" image into the linked style/workflow.

    How are the blank images are negatively impacting the style/tech pack?

    Sometimes I find them helpful in reminding the design team of the images that need to be added in order to complete/approve the style for production.

    But, other times, they opt to delete the empty artboards from the illustrator image and re-add them as needed, then save the image through the plugin to get the new/updated artboards into the style/pages.

    What other ways can you think of to make this better?

  • Anna BrindleyAnna Brindley ✭✭
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    It could be a solution, but we don't advise it. Note: it is easy to add, but complicated to delete. You will also need to be sure that it is unused anywhere. Also note: any artboards deleted while it is in use, generate a copy of the ill. file. We advise using the smallest file then if needed add artboards.

  • will be a good function, meanwhile I recommend my clients to make a template with only one artboard by link/bobble in Text Image and then copy the artboard to make more, (then it will have the correct naming and just get added a number after copying

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