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Graphtec pen plotter gx3000 picks up knife instead of pen

IrinaNYCIrinaNYC Posts: 3
Hello there, 
it might be a long shot, but we have Graphtec gx3000 plotter that being used every day and suddenly today it stopped picking up pen. It pick up knife instead of pen and cuts pieces out instead of printing.
Anyone ever come across this issue?


  • EricFromBCEricFromBC Posts: 92 ✭✭
    I am not familiar with that exact model. I have experience with another plotter that picks up pen of knife from a rotatory tray.

    Once after a move, the plotter picked up the knife instead of pen. We spent hours checking all the parameters, but none was change.

    We finally realized all we had to do was to switch the pen and knife on the tray. Someone must have them mixed during the move.
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