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SP-130 Plot+Cut Mylar

ss398806ss398806 Posts: 19
Hello, our company purchased a Graphtec SP-130 through Gerber in 2020 with the understanding that we could use it to cut our Mylar patterns (logic: no need to hand-cut after plotting).  Unfortunately, we have never been able to get the machine to cut consistently without wrinkling the material, jamming, etc.  The main issue, it seems, is that it the sequence and direction of the cuts cause the mylar to shift, bunch, etc.  We have tried to to look at with our technician, etc. with no luck.  Since purchase, we have heard from some Gerber staff that maybe it can't be used to cut Mylar?  Is there anyone out there using this or a similar machine for cutting Mylar?  the material is 36in width x 4 mil, Double Matte.
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