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1 component for every 2 or more bundles

MuhammadOwaisMuhammadOwais Posts: 473 ✭✭✭
Hello Everyone,
I'm looking for a more convenient solution for a practice We're doing everyday. 

We have some articles in which We've to use a single component/piece for multiple garments (like 2 or more). For example a Quad-Moon which will be cut with the main body components  and each Quad-Moon will be used for 4 garments/bundles.

Current Practice:
Currently We are creating a separate model for each multi-garment component (like aforementioned) and then add specific number of those components in marker as per the total garments/bundles in that marker. 
Like if We wanted to create a marker up-to 4 pieces, We will add one Quad-Moon to the marker. For markers having garments/bundles above 4 to 8, We'll add 2 Quad-Moons and so on for 9-12, 13-16...n-n+3.

Issue with Current Practice:
Now our marker maker has to manually calculate the total garments in a marker and process the specific number of Multi-Garment components accordingly. This is easy for simple markers like above but becomes a headache in complex markers having multiple Multi-Garment components, each having different no. of mother garments (like some will be used for 2 garments, some for 3 and so on). Also it becomes more complex when We are cutting different size sets, models and articles in same markers. 

Solution Required:
I'm looking for a solution where it will automatically adds the multi-garment component to the marker as per defined numbers of mother-garments for each multi-garment component.
If anyone have better approach to counter this issue, I'd really appreciate sharing it here...

I'm a Cutting CAD Room Specialist and Technology Enthusiast...


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