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Accumark Ver.10.4 License not found on upgrading hardware

babakomidvarbabakomidvar Posts: 3
I have Accumark and Accunest Ver10.4.
It was installed and running on Windows 10 Pro 22H2 with Intel Core i3-4150 3.5 GHz 64 bit.

I have recently upgraded our hardware to Core i9 - 12th Generation.
Using windows 10 22H2.
Unfortunately after I installed Accumark, Id does not recognize my License.

It says: "A Valid Accumark License was not found for this product (H0031)"

My license is a valid 10.4 license and is perpetual.
I upgraded HASP drivers to latest version.
localhost:1947 will show the key and perpetual license.
But the Accumark does not run and gives me the above error.
Also InstallLic.exe gives error on some missing dlls and does not work.

I contacted the agent and they said it should work! but it doesn't.
Does anybody has the same problem? Would you please share your experience?


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