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AccuMark Crashing Immediately on Startup

On Friday 03/11/23 AccuMark Explorer was working fine first thing in the morning. Upon opening it again later that morning, the software crashed. Ever since then, we have been completely unable to open AccuMark Explorer as it immediately stops responding on launch. I am able to open and use Easy Marking and Pattern Design without any issues.

No settings were changed during the time it was working to when it wasn't.


  • Alex_SaundersAlex_Saunders Posts: 7
    We have narrowed down the problem to the network drive we use.
    Does accumark allocate a portion of the drive it is allowed to use? In the software it comes up that there is 0 Kbytes free on the drive, yet there is still over 200GB available on the drive itself. 
  • MuhammadOwaisMuhammadOwais Posts: 466 ✭✭✭
    Does it shows any error box...!!!
    I'm a Cutting CAD Room Specialist and Technology Enthusiast...
  • Alex_SaundersAlex_Saunders Posts: 7
    Found the issue a little while ago, forgot to update this post. Somehow, 2 storage folders within the network drive had a space in them. I went into file explorer and renamed them to have an underscore rather than a space and it fixed the problem. 
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