Dropping support for Adobe Illustrator CC 2015 & the Design Suite Plugin

Clayton ParkerClayton Parker Gerber Staff 💛

Dear all,

Due to some changes that are being made by Adobe and to our plugin to support those changes, we will no longer be supporting our Adobe Illustrator Design Suite Plugin for Adobe CC 2015 with the release of YuniquePLM v7.5 later in the month.

Anyone that is currently using CC 2015 should be able to upgrade their Adobe Illustrator version to one of the more recent updates from adobe through their Adobe CC subscription.

This will only impact those of you that are using CC 2015 and are updating to v7.5+ of YuniquePLM in the Cloud.

I wanted to make sure you're aware of this change before we put it in place later in the month.


Clayton Parker
Product Manager for YuniquePLM

You can take a look at Adobe's new Marketplace update here:

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