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Gerber GTXL: (ERROR OPENING c:\sysfiles\sbite.dsp)

On my multi-ply Gerber GTXL I'm having (I'm assuming) software problems, where during a multi-bite cut, my machine quits cutting, and I'm forced to restore origin and state...
When I try to RESTORE STATE, it seems like c:\sysfiles\sbite.dsp has become corrupted, or is somehow inaccessible.  I get the error: "ERROR OPENING C:\sysfiles\sbite.dsp"

I have learned that I can rename the file "sbite.dsp" to anything, "sbite.bak" for example, but when I try to, I'm told "sbite.dsp is in use by C200MT.exe".   C200MT is our Gerber GTXL cut driver program.  I have shut down C200MT first, then rename "sbite.dsp", then restart C200MT.exe, and restore STATE and ORIGIN, then resume cutting.  Any help would be appreciated.  

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  • dcmatcudcmatcu Posts: 9
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    In case anyone reads this, a Lectra/Gerber tech--Lars-- just left my location.  When he arrived, our machine was completely dead, couldn't initialize or set origin, or connect to controller card.  When he took off the side panel under the keyboard, there was a red LED light on the MCC board, I think it said LOW VCC.  Anyway, he said we weren't getting 5 volts DC, and so he adjusted a potentiometer to raise the voltage a bit, and ordered a new component.  Thanks to Lars we're back up and running, and have a new part on the way.... I guess it's some kind of voltage regulator or power supply board.

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