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Accunest failing some jobs in queue

VictorVictor Posts: 1
edited August 29 in YuniquePLM
Hi everyone!

Randomly some jobs in the queue fail. Below the log error:

Setting directory to C:\userroot\temp\
Cleaning up temp files
Checking Engine Version:
Checking Accumark License(s)...
   Accumark license includes Engine1 Nest and Accumark key is present.
   Accumark license includes Engine1 Pack and Accumark key is present.
Checking Engine1 License(s)... 
   Engine1 Nesting is Licensed for use.
   NOT using Engine1 Nesting Trial License.
   Engine1 Pack is Licensed for use.
   NOT using Engine1 Pack Trial License.
   Engine1 MultiCore is licensed for use, using 8 cores.
Rounded buffering is disabled, classic buffering will be used instead.
Buffering against marker borders enabled.
Cleaning markers left by previous nest
Retrieving marker h:\let-monet\monemd0x1x
Checking marker attributes
Fixing up pieces
Writing workfile
Starting Engine FraunCon_x64.exe
Engine started
Engine ended
Accunest warning: no viable process. 
 Attempting to save ...

ERROR: 251 Engine1 kernel failed, return code: 3221225477
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