360 Total Security vs Accumark issue

Hi. I have problem. While working 360TS till PDS and Accumark Explorer not lunching. But no problem with Marking Making.
I've add accumark folders in ProgramFiles, and Common Files to White list of 360TS. USERROOT and acmkbin are in White list too. Beside I've add PDS.exe and explore.exe to White list of 360ts. But this isn't helpful...
I must close TS to lunch PDS or Axplore.


  • VasylVasyl ✭✭✭
    Hi here.
    I'd found this problem on AMv10 yet.  
    A adding program folders and applications to white list wasn't helpful.
    And then was one solution to close 360ts. Not stop, but close. 

    Now on v11 issue was present still.
    I've remove apps from white list and add again and it works. So. I add: acmkmngr, acmksetup, sil2000luncher, sil2000, amexplore.
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