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Converting a model into an AAMA .DXF

patternhousepatternhouse Posts: 1
Hello Gerber Community, 
I am trying to convert a model to an AAMA .DXF to export to a company using Tuka.  I am new to using Gerber Accumark.  At this point, I have only exported ZIP and Standard .DXF files.  I have tried to find step by step instructions on how to convert to an AAMA .DXF but cannot find the steps to do so.  Any help with this process would be greatly appreciated.  
Side note, I use version 15.0.


  • VasylVasyl Posts: 1,507 ✭✭✭✭
    Hi. There are few steps with size line control...

  • ScottMCCScottMCC Posts: 6
    edited May 24
    Accumark Explorer [v15]
    -> Process
    -> Data Conversion Utility
    -> Export
    -> File type [select ASTM for old Cad systems like Tuka /Winda /Bok] or AAMA for systems like Accumark /Modaris /Optitex]
    -> Select storage location [where your local pattern files are]
    -> Select source data item [brings up a search box - make sure to add a * to the end and you should see a list.  Example 1234 will only find LITERALLY 1234, where as 1234* will find 1234W 1234Fuse etc.] Select the files you want and press ok
    -> make sure notch table set it self [should do it automatically if it's been setup already]
    -> selected sizes [the size ranges available are set within the model editor settings for the style - one size for a base for example and multiple for a nest].
    -> select a destination path [where you want the resulting DXF to go and name it in destination file name.

    In Data Conversion utility settings - for ASTM/AAMA set the following [these are what I have had checked for awhile now with little or no plant issues importing].
    Check on Export Piece Text
    Check on Export Graded Nest [The model editor then controls size ranges offered - so if you select only the base size it will only export the base size].
    Check on Selected Combined Sizes
    Check on Export Perimeter as One Line
    Check on Export in Blocks
    Check on Export Angled Notches

    Hope this helps.
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