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Cutting Outside Notches


I am having an issue with our DCS1500 cutter.  When using a notching tool to cut outside notches, they are cut off when the perimeter is cut.  I cannot cut them with the tangential blade due to material properties (thickness and construction).  I also do not see any method to invert or flip the notches within CutWorks.

Base Pattern:

After Notch Conversion:

Any advice is appreciated.


  • ASMITHASMITH Posts: 12

    cutworks is a different software than accumark, that being said the way cutworks reads the notches is by data which is what that notch point is that you have snipped. you can do all kinds of different notches inside of accumark but cutworks reads them all as just data and will assign them to whatever you have that layer mapped to on your machine. in this case go to edit and either auto merge or auto convert i cant remember which one and fill out the middle column for v notches, though i have never done that with inverse v notches so im not sure that will actually work and sometimes its buggy and doesnt do them all. another way to get around this is to dxf the piece out with the notches on it, the dxf process will convert them and then just import it back.
  • ss398806ss398806 Posts: 15
    I understand the basic reason for the issue but I can't understand how the software has no function to deal with this issue.  After I convert the perimeter notches to notching points, the vertex for the original perimeter notch remains.  It is strange that the software does not deal with this segment at all and I have to manually change them.  Additionally, there is no simple way to flip a notch that is on the outside to an inside notch that I have found.  I can do it by separating the individual notch point and rotating it by 180 degrees but negative depth values are not accepted. :(
  • ASMITHASMITH Posts: 12
    are you referring to cutworks or inside accumark? because accumark accepts negative values, i am unsure about cutworks as i have never tried to do inverse v notches with that software. if you are talking about having to manually convert them you can set that up in the process wizard inside of cutworks to automatically run, but in my experience using that feature is full of bugs and doesnt always work like its supposed to as sometimes it wont convert all the notches into v notches etc so i feel your struggle.

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