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Multiple licensee log in issues

Abhi_IrinaAbhi_Irina Posts: 90 ✭✭
Greetings all!

We have several computers with digital listening each logged in under each individual username and password on each station. 
And one with physical key, which does not require me to log in to work daily.
One of the machines was apparently logging in under same username and password and the machine that has physical key.
Could that create some kind of conflict?
Two people logged in under same username?




  • Kamil_123Kamil_123 Posts: 13
    I was tryed some time ago to use Accumark on one computer but with two diferent users (computer is in domain). If you have physical license key you can have much users as you want but if you have email assigned license key you can use only one account per computer (even if you have assigned license key by email to both users) because for some reason Accumark is recognizing that on computer is assigned one email license and you must log out first user from accumark to use it on second user.
    In my opinion this is some stupid antypiracy methods which is only impede user expierence and administration of them.
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