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Having issues with notches being read on Gerber Cutter

bwalker1bwalker1 Posts: 2
Hi, I am new to AccuMark and need some assistance. The marker on accumark shows the notches(split notch type & .16 notch depth). The Pnotch type and measurement were already done. The order and model was already done. I am trying to fix the issue. When the paper is printed on the plotter the notches are still visible however when I upload the file to our Gerber cutter from our USB file the notches are not visible. Meaning that they will not be cut or the gerber isn't reading the notches, not sure.
What am I doing wrong, and how can I fix this issue so that our Gerber cutter can cut exactly what is on our markers????


  • EricFromBCEricFromBC Posts: 62 ✭✭
    Do you save a Cut in AccuMark when generate Cut File?
    If the notches are visible in Cut, that means the issue is not the Cut File. 
    If the notches are not visible in the Cut, suggest to check CutGen window, see which Cut Parameter is used, then look at the notch table in there. (If it is blank, the cut file will be generated with whatever is assigned in the Order.)

    I use different P-Notch for Plot and Cut:
    On Piece Plots, I like to see the notches easily, so plot them in bigger T.
    On Markers for manual cutting, I plot the same notch type in T with the exact depth I want.
    On Cut Files, the same type can be slit on one material; but v on a different material.
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