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Accumark 8.0 import DXF to plot or which GBR file format used with 8.0?

mbaltaymbaltay Posts: 2

I can only select YuniquePLM as the category so I hope this is not posted in the wrong forum If so I apologize.

I am new to apparel and Accumark but quite familiar with gerber PCB technology.
We have pattern and marker files in autocad DXF format.
We have a cut and sew supplier who runs Accumark 8.0.
We need to send the supplier files in a format that he can inport to his gerber system so that he can print paper patterns and markers.  Unfortunately supplier does not know the details of gerber and plotting, rather just uses the system in it intended way. We got a good price from the vendor on the basis we would send files smoothly with no hassles, so he is running out of patience and we do not want to risk the relationship.
He cannot open RS274 X1 or X2 formats in zip files reports he gets blank screen when he tries to open these.

Does anybody know the best way to accomplish our objective?
Is it possible that Accumark v8.0 used standard gerber RS274D?  If so how to downconvert to this obsolete format?
I apologize if the answer is already discussed. I tried a few quick searches but nothing surfaced for RS274D.  DXF input seems to be an option according to some posts, but I need to be certain before further annoying this vendor.  Please redirect us to the appropriate forum.
We can generate other input formats as well.

Really appreciate any expertise anyone can provide.

Best, Mike


  • VasylVasyl Posts: 1,507 ✭✭✭✭
    edited April 25
    The Accumark 8.0 is available to import DXF (AAMA). But it depends... The convertor was an additional tool. And some customers hasn't this one.
    Usually the rs274 and DXF are formats for cutting and plotting....
    Cos you have to use WinPlot to plot this

    Is there any plotter?
  • mbaltaymbaltay Posts: 2
    Thank you.  He does not have the dxf import module.  I am pretty sure he uses a wide format plotter which uses hpgl .plt files,

    So today we printed our one size marker to a .plt file and he is going to try to print that somehow using accumark 8.0
  • VasylVasyl Posts: 1,507 ✭✭✭✭
    Some plotter's software can plot DXF too
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