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Server Based License Log Out Issue

I am using a Server Based License and long into Accumark with my email. I typically use a stand alone desktop computer for all Accumark work unless I am traveling/working remotely then I use my laptop. I had an issue a couple of weeks ago where my desktop decided to crash while logged into Accumark right in the middle of a pattern modification. My issue was when the computer shut down I was logged in so therefore it was showing as logged in on another computer when I tried continuing my work on the laptop. At that point I could not work at all and could not access the desktop to be able to log out and continue. I had production waiting on a pattern change I could not complete. I gave up, went home and decided to try the desktop the next day and it worked so I immediately logged out of Accumark on there. My question is if it crashes permanently while logged in can you log out for me? If not what do I do? 


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