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calibrating a Z1

CHPCHP Posts: 4
hi everyone, 
 I am looking for the tech sheet on how to calibrate  a z1 

issue is we tell it to cut 5x5 and its cutting 5x4. 7/8th   
if anyone could provide me with the doc to do this that would be great, 


  • CHPCHP Posts: 4
    no one knows how to do this? or has the doc for this.   these things go out of calibration and need to be re calibrated, which is fine.   we are dead in the water.  I have reached out to Gerber  finally got  someone to calm me back.  their connection was really bad so they hung up!  we   are unable to process anything..  
    please help.. if anyone has the tech sheet on this please share. 
  • CHPCHP Posts: 4
     this was silly, I was looking for the calibration on the software side not the cutter,  this is a incredibly easy process,  once I realized its on the cutter!  
  • CHPCHP Posts: 4
    ok, so yes and no on the simple part.  
    calibrated as it allows me to however,  if I run a part on the near side by the controller, the part on the y axis is smaller  than it should be,  as I cut the part in positions across the belt it eventually becomes the right size, then on the far side its actually larger in the y axis.   the x axis is correct. no matter where we cut it.  

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