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C200MT Crashing

SeanSean Posts: 2
edited February 16 in AccuMark
Hi All,

Over the past month, our C200MT has been crashing with some cut files when opening them. There seems to be an issue with the files itself, as it crashes on both of our cutting machines despite reinstalling the software.

I've looked into documentation and tested some settings, but our patchwork solution is moving the pieces around, saving, then generating the cut file until it works. This isn't an efficient or ideal solution, so I was wondering if anyone knows if there's a better solution?


  • Sandro PalumboSandro Palumbo Posts: 70 Gerber Staff 💛
    Hi Sean, 
    Which version of C200MT are using ? The cut files that you're tryng to open from which system are created ?.Are ISO files or Accuamrk files ?
    Can you share it here ?
  • SeanSean Posts: 2
    Hi Sandro,

    Attached is the picture of the C200MT version, unfortunately, I am unable to attach the cut file, as it is an unsupported file format here (Literally just a file with no extension). It is an Accumark cut file generated in Accumark Explorer. We pinpointed it down to the cut files being corrupted somehow, but re-generating it did not work, so we had to create a new marker file and generate the cut file from that.
  • Sandro PalumboSandro Palumbo Posts: 70 Gerber Staff 💛
    Sometimes i found same problems, and often (not always) i solved to reduce, also 2 cm, the width in Cutter Table in P-CUTTER. try to put 180 (depend to width of your beam)

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