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Accumark-PDS system crashing a lot...

FrenchPatternFrenchPattern Posts: 1
edited January 26 in YuniquePLM
My PDS system has been crashing a lot the last few days. When I reopen it I get this message: Failed to run 'ref.exe' program. Erro code =0x5
Command Line: ref.exe export ...

Does anyone know what it means and how to fix it?

Thank you



  • ScottScott Posts: 4
    edited January 26
    Ref or Reg?  If it is reg.exe then below;

    Windows (code 0x5 is Access Denied) - If IT managed you may not have permission to the folders it needs or resources it needs?

    This can also be caused when an anti-virus application blocks a key component of the PDS application while it's trying to start up or run.  I had a huge issue with McAfee for the longest time causing lockups in PDS because it saw the application as malicious.  Solution here it to whitelist the directories and application your using.
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