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How to import ASTM/AAMA with unknown notch table

ss398806ss398806 Posts: 18

This issue may be an issue with my understanding so apologies in advance.

When importing an ASTM file, will the notches (number, type, dimension) within the file be reflected into the notch table within my destination storage area?  Or will the file attempt to "best fit" the notches within my destination storage area table to the imported pieces?

I am attempting to improve our operating standards as we have had repeated problems with notch mistakes, etc.

Thank you!


  • Kathy ValadeKathy Valade Posts: 823 Gerber Staff 💛
    Notches are defined by type. If your imported notches have the same dimensions for same notch number, then yes, they will have the same dimensions.
  • ss398806ss398806 Posts: 18
    Hm.  I just tried to export as ASTM DXF.  Then once I import again to a test area, my notches are being written to a different number (starting at 6).  Any ideas about why this is occurring?  It is messing up our standardized notch tables.

    #1 4mm x 4mm V Notch
    #2 5mm slit
    #3~6 not are defined in my notch table but not used in this data
    #7 4mm x -4mm V notch

    #6 4mm x 4mm V Notch
    #7 5mm slit
    #8 4mm x -4mm V notch
  • Kathy ValadeKathy Valade Posts: 823 Gerber Staff 💛
    It may depend on your Export Options and Import Options. You can open up a support call if this is an issue.

  • ss398806ss398806 Posts: 18
    I can open a support call I guess
  • ss398806ss398806 Posts: 18
    An update: this issue was not able to be resolved.  The ticket ended with the suggestion to change/update versions but we are still having the issue from other versions, too.  There were no settings that fixed the issue on import or export side.

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