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Incorrect cylinders position on the avatar- Accumark15

lucynalucyna Posts: 3
Hi, I have to change positions of all cylinders by hand. After reset of cylinders is much worst.    I have not idea how to do it automatically. I will be grateful for any suggestions.



  • Sarah BoltonSarah Bolton Posts: 18 Gerber Staff 💛
    Hi, Is this an avatar that was imported into AccuMark? If so then yes you will need to adjust the cylinders manually. The system tries to map the cylinders the best it can but manual adjustment and save will be necessary. You can globally adjust the positions for this avatar so that anytime you use it the cylinders don't need to be re-adjusted by going into the body positions function. Reset cylinders- resets the cylinders to a global cylinder position which may not work for all avatars.
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