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Gap in marker on MP1800, AccuMark v15

I have a random MP1800 issue.  Sometimes when I marker plot, there is a sizable blank gap left in the middle of a marker.  I am currently trying to troubleshoot the data, but have not found anything yet.  Has anyone seen this before?  It is NOT an ink issue.  There is a blank space, almost 3", skipped.  Notice at this gap, the piece annotation is actually drawn 2x, spaced apart.

This marker plots with the gap every time (on marker file name - AM Explorer/Send To/ Plotter using the Local plotter directly).  If I use the same process & send to DOS file, there is no gap (tested DXF, HPGL & PDF).

Any ideas on cause or what to look for on data?  Again, this is NOT an ink error.  Pieces are now too long if lines are connected

This is how plot looks:


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