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Model Editor - Paste Piece

ss398806ss398806 Posts: 9

Could someone explain the functions of the "Paste Piece" and "Add Piece"?
The instruction is unclear because it is missing context (such as an example or illustration).

It seems "Paste Piece" might allow me to create a dependent piece with an exclusive Piece Name?  This would ber very helpful as our part numbering standards require exclusive Part Numbers for right and left-->so we must manually flip and save as many pieces.

Appreciate any help!



  • Kathy ValadeKathy Valade Posts: 792 Gerber Staff 💛
    Paste piece is an older application where you could place two pieces in the model that will be JOINED together as one piece in the marker. This is typical of suit shaper pieces like lapels and when joined to the front jacket when a certain style is defined. It can also be used to paste two larger pieces digitized and joined in model editor. This application was used before we had advanced functions in the system to either make larger pieces or to join pieces together when multiple options are used. I don't think this application would be suitable for having left/rights of the same pattern but needing different names. 

  • ss398806ss398806 Posts: 9
    Thank you.  Is there any function that allows this sort of parent-child dependency?  I believe Formaris includes this capability.
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