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ffiprodffiprod Posts: 12
Hello! how can I change space between the marker. It is plotting different space amount between the marker. I want to take it to 1" between the marker. We have M+1800 plotter. 
I went to user manager > Program options > Default settings and changed the "file separation" but nothing is happening. Also P-marker-plot, I have "plot separation" as 1.00. 
Please help!


  • Kathy ValadeKathy Valade Posts: 792 Gerber Staff 💛
    @ffiprod You should not be changing values in the User Manager program. The space between markers is managed in AccuMark. If you are experiencing issues between the two programs, set the value in User Manager back to default and try again or open a CAD Support ticket.
  • EricFromBCEricFromBC Posts: 49
    @ffiprod If you've checked all these already, sorry.

    1) Do you have any marker header outside the marker border? I believe the distance in P-Marker-Plot does not include the header lines.

    2) Do you have multiple storage areas, are all the P-marker-plot set to 1" in all storages?
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