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Digitizer not making beeping noise when pressed

HarryB226HarryB226 Posts: 4
edited June 10 in Digitizer
Hi All

We are having an issue with our Digitizer where it isn't registering any of the work we are doing when we are trying to plot templates. The device doesn't make any beeps when buttons are pressed and it is held up against the board. The Digitizer appears to still be working, when held up against the board the green button at the top glows so it is clearly is working and knows its being held up against the board. It just isn't registering and beeping on any of the plot points. 

The issue started shortly after getting a new PC. Our IT department tried feeding the serial port from the Accumark board through a converter before going into the PC but this did nothing. They think that we may need to know the correct Com port settings on the port adapter in device settings, the; port speed, data bit, flow settings etc that are appropriate for the accumark plotter and digitizer.

Images are attached

Any help that can be offered is much appreciated!




  • Jost LindemannJost Lindemann Posts: 80 Gerber Staff 💛
    Your device-manager does not show any USB-Serial-Adapter, Your COM3 can not be used for Digitizer. Attach a working converter to the PC (best choice is a device using FTDI, not Prolific).
    Don't worry about Portsettings, AM driver will configure port-properties.

  • HarryB226HarryB226 Posts: 4
    @Jost Lindemann

    Hi thanks for getting back to me so quickly. Apologies for the confusion the screenshot of the settings sent was from a different computer as an example of the settings our IT dep had told us to find. I've attached a screenshot from the computer which we are using our digitizer with. Please let me know if you would advise the same?

    thanks very much for you help!


  • Jost LindemannJost Lindemann Posts: 80 Gerber Staff 💛
    Don't care about the settings. Accumark configures the port, no need to configure something here.
    If you are playing with COM-Ports, you may reset the digitizer or restart  the digitzer-program. If settings or ports change,  SW and HW may run out of sync. Restart (power off/on of both components) if necessary.
    I realized in the past, that some USB-converters do not work with Digitizers even if they show up as "functional" in device manager. Then use a different brand. There is a certified converter available from Gerber.
    If problem persists, please contact your local GT-repesentative for help.

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